Signage Tips for New & Existing Businesses

Whether you’re a new business owner or have been around for many years and are simply giving your signage a revamp, we have expert advice for all your signage needs. At Phatt Signs, we have been offering our signage services throughout Stoke on Trent for many years now, so regardless of your needs and requirements we’re more than confident in saying that we can help to transform your business’s advertising.

Within this post, we’re going to highlight some of the most important things to include in your shop sign and why they’re so important. Should you require further information and advice on designing your signage, please waste no time and be sure to get in touch with us.

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Why Are Shop Signs Important?

Shop signs are one of the most important forms of signage. Not only do they show customers where you’re based, but it can be the first thing a potential customer sees of your business so it’s all about making the right impression. Your shop sign should include everything you find essential to your business.

So, take a step back and think about what you expect to see from a sign; you need to be able to use the signage to find the company and understand what it is they offer. But not only that, you need to have a unique design that sets your business apart.

But what makes signage important? Let’s find out…

  • They show customers where you’re based
  • They make the first impression of your business
  • They showcase what you do/offer
  • They tie in all your advertising and branding
  • Constant way to advertise

These points are just a few of the main reasons why we believe that shop signs are extremely important. Should you like to find out more about our shop signs as a service or for help designing yours, please waste no time and be sure to get in touch with us today.

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What To Include in Your Signage

When it comes to advertising your business, it makes sense to want to showcase your brand in the best way possible. This starts right from the first impression right down to the way you market and advertise your business. No matter what industry your business is in or the type of product or service you offer, your advertising is a critical part of your brand.

So, if you’re looking for the top 5 things to include in your signage, we’re here to help. That being said, 5 of the top things we would suggest including are:

  1. Your business name
  2. Telephone number and website
  3. Your social media channels
  4. Your slogan or main service
  5. Your business logo

Did you know? Including your social media channels on your signage is another great way to advertise your business and increase your branding. By doing so, you could then open up opportunities to be tagged in posts and to gain new followers and likes. Not only that but it allows your clients to leave you reviews on more channels too. The possibilities are endless!

Signage Design Tips

Designing your shop sign is a crucial part of the signage itself. Your sign must be encouraging but different, engaging but unique. Sounds easy right? It can be! You just need to have the creativity on how to make your shop sign stand out but also be clear on what it is you offer. Once you have these basics covered, designing your sign can be a lot easier.

With that in mind, our tips on designing your signage are:

  • Be bold and creative
  • Keep your text as short as possible
  • Include call to action
  • Think about the distance people will be stood at when viewing the final piece
  • Make sure it matches the rest of your branding!

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