Custom t-shirts are used for all kinds of reasons. They can be worn by school children, sports teams, businesses and even individuals for special events. There are several different options when it comes to customising them including colour, font, images or the text you want to include on your shirt.

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of T shirt design will work best for your business. There are many different types of custom T shirts out there and each one has its own design elements that need to be taken into consideration when creating your own custom T shirt design. We can of course help with this should you require assistance.

The position of your design is also an important factor, so before going further ahead, make sure you’re happy with the position of the design.

T Shirts For Workwear

Customised workwear is an excellent way to promote your business while simultaneously advertising your brand name. It’s also a great way to show off your company’s culture through clothing. Workwear can be customised with logos, slogans, or any other design that you think will reflect your business image well.

These are usually made from cotton or cotton blends and are used by companies as an alternative to uniforms or polo shirts for their employees.

T Shirts For Parties

You can also use custom T-shirts for parties or other social events such as weddings, hen and stag parties and birthdays. For example, if you’re having a birthday party for a child then you could make shirts for all the guests that have their name on them instead of just having their names printed on paper as most people do nowadays. This makes it easier for everyone to find their shirt so they don’t have to spend time searching for it at the party itself!

These can be made from any type of material but tend to be more colourful than other types of custom T shirts. They may include images from popular films, television shows or even band logos.

Personalised T Shirts

These can be designed with any text you want to be embroidered on them, whether it’s the name of a personal event or company logo as well as other designs such as animals or flowers.

Here are some tips for designing a custom t-shirt:

Your Design

The first step of designing a custom T shirt is deciding on the design. You can choose from different designs that are available online or you can create one yourself with the help of an image editing software. Once you have decided on the design, you will need to decide on the colour and font style that you would like to use for printing the T shirt.

Make The Sizing Of T Shirts Consistant

The next thing to consider is the size of the T-shirt that you are ordering. Most companies offer a range of sizes for their customers and it is recommended that you buy a larger size than what fits you perfectly so that it does not shrink when washed or dried in a dryer machine. There are also some companies that offer customised sizing so that they can fit perfectly on your body without any problems whatsoever. If there is more than one person involved in designing the shirts, make sure everyone agrees on how they would like them sized before ordering them.

Styling The T Shirt

After choosing your shirt size, next comes the styling options such as v-neck or crew neck and short sleeves or long sleeves. Again, make sure everyone agrees on which options they want before ordering their shirts because this part can get confusing quickly!

The Colour Of The Fabric

Get creative with colour! If you’re creating a design with multiple colours, mix them up by using complementary colours (like green and red) or contrasting colours (like blue and orange). Or try using different shades of one colour for an eye-catching look like white text on black. You will want to choose colours that go well together and also match what other people are wearing. If possible, try to stick to the colours within your branding if the T shirt is for business use.

The Font

If you want to use text on your custom T shirts, then it should be readable from afar and easy to read. Again, this should match your branding guidelines to ensure that everything is uniform with your advertising, from a leaflet to a shop sign, you want to make sure the style of font, colour and branding is consistent.

The Images

You can use images on your custom T shirts by printing them on or by embroidering them onto the fabric with some type of thread like cotton or polyester thread. We’re here to meet your needs so be sure to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Text

There are many different ways that you can include text on your custom T shirts including printing it on or embroidering it onto the fabric with some type of thread like cotton or polyester thread.

Go Bold!

Printed shirts can really pop when they’ve been printed to stand out. So, no matter if you’re going for an eye catching colour or design, we’re here to ensure that your business is well represented. Likewise with personal T shirt prints, we’re here to help make your special occasion one to be remembered.

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