What Is Rebranding?

Rebranding is when a company changes its corporate image. Usually, it involves changing visual or superficial elements of a business to hint at more profound shifts in business direction. When rebranding, a company wants to undergo a visual transformation that makes them seem more attractive to customers and leads. Often an emphasis is placed on digital strategies when discussing a rebrand. Yet traditional signage remains crucial in asserting corporate identity even in 2021, especially in brick-and-mortar stores.

No matter your reasons for rebranding, it’s important to include your advertising and signage. This is the best way to ensure that the rebrand is thorough and everything is included within the rebrand. This could be anything from your shop sign, an LED sign, and printing material.

Find out why companies choose to rebrand and the importance of including all aspects of your business and advertising within it in this blog post.

Why Do Companies Rebrand?

There are broadly two types of rebranding: proactive rebranding and reactive rebranding. Proactive rebranding is where a company plans to rebrand to achieve a goal. This could mean:

  • Trying to connect with a new audience or reposition your company in the marketplace.
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Prevent your company from looking old-fashioned or stale.
  • Reactive branding is where a rebrand is forced on a company as the result of an event. 
  • This could be as a response to negative PR or significant organisational changes occurring in a business. For example, when two companies merge and require a new, shared brand identity. 

Signage In Broader Rebranding Efforts.

The goal of rebranding then is to communicate a fresh, attractive new image to customers and potential leads. This can be done by brand-redesign, using detailed branding guidelines to effect change in key aspects of style and appearance:

  • Altering your colour palette.
  • Change the kind of media and images you use to reflect better the type of company you are. 
  • Changing the language you use to represent the company voice better.
  • Changing your logo
  • Changing the slogan 
3D lettering Signs

But What’s The Best Way Of Arranging These Changes?

When discussing how best to promote brand changes, many resources will focus on newer digital and print marketing techniques to get your new image across.  Think, for example, of website design, business cards, product packaging, corporate logos and the creation of your email campaigns. However, you shouldn’t ignore the value of a good old fashioned signage campaign. Signs are a high-visibility method of displaying your rebrand without needing to say so much as a single word.

This is important because too much information can sometimes muddy the signal you’re trying to send. In contrast, a well-designed sign is a clear expression of your business identity. Let’s now take a closer look at five reasons signs are a great tool when rebranding your business. 

3D Lettering Signage

Cost-Effective Strategy

Other forms of marketing typically require you to continue spending money for as long as you want your message to be heard. This includes traditional marketing strategies, for example, bus ads, print media, television and radio. It also includes digital marketing techniques such as social media or Google Ads.

These methods use a ‘cost per impression’ model where you need to spend money constantly to continue getting the benefits. By comparison, signage requires a one-time charge that leaves you with a permanent source of value. That sign is active 24hours a day, providing you with exposure at no extra cost. 

Provides Clear Communication

Some forms of marketing, for example, email strategies, leaflets or adverts, rely on text and several images to get their point across.  There can be drawbacks to this because it’s been well-established that people like simple, easy to understand material that gets its point across quickly. There’s nothing simpler or more appealing than a well-made sign. Instead of cluttering a customer with sales pitches, arguments or numbers, a character tells a visual story about your company’s new branding effort. 

They’re also a great way of conveying your new logo. This logo can tell your customers more in a heartbeat than a thousand words of text. Identifiable logos like Coca-Cola, Target, and McDonalds use colour theory and design to work subconsciously and emotionally.

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Raises Awareness About Your New Brand

Signs are a great way of telling people the sort of business that you provide. The quality, clarity and visual flair of your signs will alter how people view your company. For example, a sleek, professional logo that utilises a monochromatic colour scheme and subtle imagery will convey professionalism and attention to detail. By contrast, a bright, colourful sign with large, stylised fonts and warmer language may position you as a family-friendly or fun retail outlet.

This story is told even better when you consider using a range of signs. By applying consistent branding across your signs both outside and inside your stores, you can tell people who you are as a business. Just remember that all of your signs need to share in a singular theme and style, or you may end up giving a mixed message.

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Signage As A Non-intrusive Marketing Strategy.

Different forms of advertising make customers react in different ways. Television or online advertising often pop up on people when they aren’t ready for them and, frankly, don’t want to see them. This is perhaps reflected in the 27% of Americans who block adverts online. Signs, by comparison, are often located in or around your place of business.

They’re also targeting people already in your store and therefore ready to hear what you have to tell them. When rebranding your company, signs are a great way to let your customers know about your changing identity without being pushy or forcing them to experience adverts that sour them on your company.

A Focus On Your Location

Signs are critical for many brick and mortar businesses because so much of your trade and industry is made locally. The customers you have are more interested in seeing what’s around when determining what stores to visit. Signs can also support your rebranding goals by helping you stand out in relation to your local competitors, primarily if other shops use uninspiring signs or no signs at all. Signs are also vital because they can provide directions. Even in 2021, when people have access to tools like google maps, signs can help to narrow down the search for a business on a busy high street.

For Signage in Stoke on Trent, Call Phatt Signs Today

If you want to rebrand your business, you shouldn’t forget about the value signage can bring, even if you plan on using other digital marketing strategies. They’re a great way to show people a reworked logo and give them a snapshot of your new brand identity.

They’re also a cost-effective strategy with few upkeep costs. Here at Phatt Signs, we’re renowned sign makers in the local area.

We offer a range of services including 3D lettering, shop signs, vehicle graphics, window graphics, workwear and LED signs in Stoke on Trent. If you would like to discuss any of our services contact us today.